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Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Random Picture : A damage to ze Wallet.

Assalamualaikum pretty ladies!

I've actually been meaning to check up with an optometrist and renew my prescription as I actually use a -4.00 prescription, but I wasn't sure of what is my current prescription is, cuz the last time I checked with my doctor was 3 years ago? Okay, that was a bad choice but I just don't feel the need to check up and I've been using contact lenses for a year now and I actually broke my other glasses, lol. Careless me, so I went on without glasses depending on contact lenses and I have to take care of my eyes intensively cuz I don't want any eye infection as I haven't had the time to buy new glasses (yeah, right)

But then, I took my foot down and went on searching for types of glasses that suits me face well, also looking for affordable glasses as well. So I turned to this shop located at the 3rd Floor of The Mall Gadong.

They were nice for giving me this lovely recycling bag cuz I actually hauled a few stuffs :D

So the first one is that, I've been dying to buy a VS body mist and I'm glad that I've found it cuz VS Body Mists in Brunei are simply hard to find although most people in Brunei go for Pure Seduction, I prefer to try other stuff and Mango Temptation was so temptingly delicious so I've bought this one! Although I have my eyes on Vanilla Lace and Strawberry and Champagne.

Also bought these small bottles, jars and also a spray bottle, in which I've put some of my body mists into, a bulky perfume bottle is not what I have in mind for saving spaces in my handbag.

And, of course I should take an inevitable trip to the Paloma store.

I do have an eye and lip makeup remover from Essence already, but I want the oil-free version.

I've bought a highlighter from Baviphat, might be a dupe for Benefit's highlighters. Also, though I did buy a moisturizer already from the Essence Pure Skin range, but that was tinted and I wanted a non-tinted moisturizer too. So I've bought another one, that is not tinted.

And yeah, I've bought two more blushes, a powder and a souffle, my other souffle blush is running out, so why not try another shade, the souffle blush is best applied with an angled contour brush.

I was gonna buy the Maybelline's pen liner as per encouraged to my commenters from my previous blog post, but they didn't have a tester for it, so I decided to buy the Silkygirl's Precise Pen Eyeliner in Blackest Black, and I've bought the duo eyeshadow and I just wanted the pink shadow, though the purple shadow is pretty much welcomed, cuz I don't have any purple like it yet.

So last but not least, TAADAA!

My prescription has actually decreased. My left is -3.50 and my right is -3.75, which is actually weird at first but then I was diagnosed with high astigmatism, sensitive to light, so that's one of the reason why I can adapt to a -4.00 prescription. I didn't expect that I'd have astigmatism because I never really encounter this with other Malay people telling me they have astigmatism and my Chinese friends mostly told me that they have astigmatism. 

Hopefully you like my post, sorry for the long rambling! :D

Monday, 30 July 2012

Make-up Review : Revlon Photoready Perfecting Primer

Assalamualaikum pretty ladies!

I'm on a hunt for a face primer, so I'd naturally would accidentally pick this up while I was on a hunt for my Garnier's BB Cream. I must say this is slightly cheaper than my favorite primer, Silky Veil Primer. Well, SLIGHTLY cheaper, so I guess I have to invest in expensive primers so that my makeup application lasts longer and also flawless.

Revlon comes in a glass jar with pump, I must say there are reviews that the pump would have to be broke down due to fact that it won't pump out more when you're running low.

Was hopping it was bigger in size, but then, oh well. This was an impulsive buy, I was like, heck I saw a review of a person who bought and repurchase this, so it must be good enough for me.

Just in case you're wondering, my pictures are a little bit better now because I'm currently borrowing my friend's DSLR camera.

It has a white-based creme gel-like texture, it applies clear, although not captured in the photo, it seems to brighten up your face, I don't know or maybe that's just me. When applied, you can see the primer actually minimizes your pores and gives you a silky smooth canvas to apply your next step in makeup.

But it seriously prolongs my makeup wear, after setting my makeup with powder, I won't have to feel the need to retouch it in 5-6 hours or so, it feels amazing that with this primer, I can just let my makeup be without worrying it to fade, crease or cake up my foundation. 

Now, this is the fourth Revlon product I've bought, where all 3 of them before this primer are pretty much a disappointment. Now, I've finally can say that Revlon has not disappointed me with this primer and I just might repurchase it.

Saturday, 28 July 2012

Make-up Review : Essence's My Base Skin Perfection Make-up Base

Assalamualaikum pretty ladies!

Okay, I will ban myself from shopping for Essence, need to explore more of other brands, but then I just don't want to :( LOL! I even have to repurchase two other items that I've been giving a lot of loving to. 

Primers or Make-up Base might be the most expensive make-up products I've ever encountered, there's no primers or make-up bases that I've seen are less than $20. So, why not try check out the Essence counter whether they sell any primer/make-up bases.

In fact, they do, this make-up base can be doubled as a tinted moisturizer, but too bad there's no mention of SPF, else this will be a bombing product.

It claims to create a fresher and more radiance appearance, enhances and corrects skin tone and create a smooth surface for foundation while moisturizing and mattifying. It is to be applied before foundation (duh) or left alone as tinted moisturizer.

So let's go to the swatch, it's pure orange smoothie-like cream, when blended, it will give a smooth surface, but I'm not liking the orange cast it gives, though I am able to hide it with my foundation/bb cream.

I think this base would moisturize well, but I'm not sure if it mattifies your foundation though, if your foundation/bb cream gives you a dewy finish, that will come out after applying it on a layer of the base. 

I find that when using this base, I don't have longer make-up wear, it fares well, was able to last my makeup through the whole day, but I do need to touch up every now and then. A good make-up base, but not great, as I found that everytime I wear this out, some of my foundation, would eventually cake at the side of my nose, a great catalyst to speed up the formation of whiteheads =='

So, for it's price, I'm not complaining but I'd definitely not going to repurchase this.

Thursday, 26 July 2012

My Make-up Collection : All the things that I own.

Assalamualaikum pretty ladies!

Believe it or not, this is the whole of my entire makeup collection, it's so in disarray and so unorganized. Aishh. HEEE. Hopefully it ain't growing! There's a few BB Creams that needs to be used up, some are already more than 60-70% used up. 

I know there's still a lot more other BB Creams to use up, but remember, my blog is where I share my passion for make-up and beauty, but I don't want to buy things for the sake of blogging. That's why my make-up collection is much much simple :D

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Make-up Review : Skin79 Snail Nutrition BB Cream

Assalamualaikum pretty ladies!

I've been wanting to try BB Creams that has Snail Slime in it, just to actually know how it feels or how it reacts to my skin, but the thing about these Snail BB Creams are that they usually cost a fortune. It was out of my price range, there would be no way for me to pay for it .

But I've got a chance to try it as I've won a small contest from my local Skin79 store that gives me the privilege of owning a sample of the Snail Nutrition BB Cream to try out before I purchase it blindly, lol.

This is ze Snail Nutrition BB Cream that claims to give you Whitening properties, sun protection of SPF45 PA+++ and improvement of wrinkles.

Comes in a small squeeze tube that you usually see in Skin79's mini tube BB Creams.

Since it is expensive and also has little products, I wanted to make the product lasts :P So sorry for that little swatch.

It comes off as a natural beige color, but it is still too light for me, so I usually mix it with my Essence foundation (for which, I'm running out of) to balance out any BB Cream to match with my skintone. Although I noticed my face has this pinkish tone when using this BB Cream, but then, I kinda like the pink tone in this BB Cream, I guess it gives this healthy glow on my face.

Here's a FOTD with this BB Cream

I kinda like the fact that it gives a satin finish on my skin, though I buff it out to make it matte with my powder because I've put on the Etude House's Golden Ratio highlighter in pink all over my face and I am all made up because I was off to a friend's wedding, so jealous T-T haha, wish I can get married early! :D

I kinda notice that I usually have this crooked smile where my upper lip does not align with my lower lip, is that normal? 

But anyways, in terms of oil control, this gives great results! My nose gets shiny after 5 hours, but then it's not even oily, it really does last long. I am so in love with this, this will be something I would repurchase over and over.

This will be a favorite of me if I receive the full 40g product :P

Random Ranting : A question to all the girls out there :D

Assalamualaikum pretty ladies!

I'm pretty much on a hunt for a liquid PEN eyeliner, because I found that it is faster and nicer to wear liquid pen eyeliner for everyday school makeup, yes, I go to school with makeup and I've been trying things out to find a makeup routine that is less a hassle for early morning. I have to rise up at 5am for school and of course solat, sometimes I'd be too sleepy to even apply gel liners and let's face it, applying gel liners needs patience. 

So anyhoo, I'm asking you girls for recommendation. I have a liquid pen eyeliner from MUA, but that's not an option as I can't really repurchase this, cuz it's all the way from UK. I'm thinking of giving Essence another chance to redeem its sins for mold formation on the liquid pen eyeliner. 

What good and affordable liquid pen eyeliners that you can recommend to me?

Monday, 23 July 2012

Random Pictures : FOTD - So purple-ish :D

Assalamualaikum pretty ladies!

[WARNING: Before you click on this post, this has a lot of images! :D]

So I was feeling so purple-ish today and decided to play with makeup after having terawikh, yeah, this picture is very recent, like 20 mins ago, LOL! I am just craving for purple today! :D

And I just felt like playing with my hoodie too, LOL! Me in a playful mood =='

I just hate my webcam for washing out my lip color, cuz the lipstick is a HG Nude Lipstick I've bought recently :D

Holika Holika HD Skinny Primer Base
Silkygirl Lightening Liquin Foundation in Tan
Garnier Instant Moisturizing BB Cream
Avon Makeup Kit Blush in Berry
Etude House Golden Ration Face Glam in Pink Goddess
Essence Forget It! Concealer Palette

Essence I ♥ Stage Eyeshadow Base
Silkygirl Blockbuster Color Palette in Violet Crush
Etude House Lucidarling Glowing Brown Aura Quad (Cream Shadow for highlighting browbone and inner conner)
Essence Gel Eyeliner in Berlin Rocks

Essence Multi-Action False Lashes Mascara
Essence Longlasting Eye Pencil in 11 Go Wild 

Maybelline's Baby Lipbalm (To prime the lips)
Holika Holika Enamel Lipstick in BR501
Avon Onyx Luster Tri-Lip Gloss in Peach Sparkle

Sunday, 22 July 2012

Make-up Review : 15pcs Bundle Monster Makeup Brush Set

Assalamualaikum pretty ladies!

So, I did show in my haul that I bought two brush sets from, the other one was Fraulein38 and I'll be reviewing the 15pcs set from Bundle Monster.

I seriously love the packaging, pink snakeskin, it's so niceeeeeeeeee :p

It has a flap to cover the bristles. Very hygienic. 

I seriously love these brushes, it has pink handles and black ferrules, they have nice grips to it and it's just sooo nice and awesome HEE :D

Their face brushes are just purely awesome! They have soft bristles and picks up products rather nicely. And somehow, their eyeshadow brushes sucks, the eyeshadow brushes has these synthetic bristles that they don't pick products well and apply products slippery-ish so I don't use their eyeshadow brushes for my eyes, but I use them to apply my concealers.

To think that I won't ever buy anymore concealer brushes because I have a lot of them already. LOL

The real flat brush at the end is so nice to apply my gel liners with, it creates, surprise surprise, perfect winged lines.

I like the small fan brush, great with sweeping any fallouts from my shimmery shadows.

Random Ranting : A little bit pissed off

Assalamualaikum pretty ladies!

I am on a role here as I've actually post a rant on my personal Facebook account cuz I am a little bit pissed off with this one particular guy who has every bit of intention of wanting to get to know me better. I don't know why, I know I've gone through a very messy breakup and yes, I was a little passive that time about my breakup as I was actually busy with exams and assignments, so the hurting didn't felt so terrible.

But as time goes, I'm currently on my 3-months semester break here, so of course, I'd be having a lot of free time, I've decided not to work as I felt that I do need a real good break as last year I actually kept myself busy with temporary but awesome job during my 3-months semester break and also I've actually worked on an internship that doesn't give us the privilege of a month's holiday plus the week that we're supposed to have a break before the currently finished semester starts, I've used that week to actually enter a crash course onto IT-related stuffs.

Since there's a lot of free time, that's when my heart decided to actually have a mental breakdown or two, or maybe five to six times in the past couple of months, nothing serious but just couldn't get over the breakup, as I've actually thought of him as a family and a bestfriend apart from a lover. Cuz we've been through a lot of things and it kills me that he's not going to be a part of my life anymore and it kills me that I've been missing him so much as both our family has actually assumed this going to last as marriage, so therefore I had high hopes on marrying him. 

So anyhow, I've been single, I've actually went out with a guy, although I like him but I still consider him as close friends, but then I don't really have high hopes on him but hopefully it goes well. And I've actually gone out with a couple of guys after that, just out of boredom. Then, I met this guy on Facebook, we've chatted for a month then realized there were lots of coincidental things that are between us, i.e he's a co-worker in my dad's office and etc. Brunei Darussalam is a very small country you are likely to know almost everyone.

So anyways, I've always been upfront about my feelings, whenever I have this sad and moody situation, I would post about it on Facebook. Then this guy asks me of my well-being, no offense but I appreciate his gesture. But the next thing he does was what pissed me off. He actually advice me that I should be in contact with my ex and get back with him, but here's the more funny thing about the situation, I hardly even asked him for advice, let alone discussed about my breakup with him.

I kinda felt annoyed that he didn't even really think that he crossed the limit or the barrier of where he goes with my personal life, I admit, I am sensitive with my privacy, there are things that people can or can't discuss with me when it comes to my personal life. So of course, he was just being annoying and busybody up my arse and talk about how I should do this or that about the breakup.

Another thing I was annoyed about is that, he didn't even stop to think what kind of girl I am. Woohoo, he made that stupid mistake of not knowing how I would react to his so-called "caring" gesture. Cuz I'm not as weak as other girls that might have crossed his path, I am recovering from my breakup with my ex, but I don't need people to actually advice me on what to do with my breakup but that doesn't even have ANYTHING to do with my situation. I appreciate other people's advice when I posted about the break up a few months ago, I really do, cuz the advice you readers gave to me is inspiring and all of you understand what I was going through. But this guy? I don't think he understands what I'm going through and he gets all cocky and say "Hey, I think you should be asking for reconciliation with your ex, cuz you kept on posting things about him"

Okay, I've been posting quotes about my ex, cuz I remembered and cherished the memories that I've built with him so that does NOT mean I wanted to go back with him!


Okay sorry for that long mad post.. I think I'd better chill out and cool down this anger. But I just don't get it that he's testing my patience in the month of Ramadhan, how dense can he be?!

Saturday, 21 July 2012

Random Picture : Eeeek MORE!

Assalamualaikum pretty ladies!

More haul as I loved the products that I bought recently, I decided to buy more from their Pure Skin range and My Skin range, hehehe, such a bad girl but I've come with still money in my pockets. These cost me just a little less than $15 in total :D

Pure Skin SOS Spot-Killer, Pure Skin Tinted Moisturizer, Pure Skin Anti-Spot Toner and My Skin Refreshing Toner

Friday, 20 July 2012

Make-up Review : Fraulein38 19pcs Make-up Brush Set

Assalamualaikum pretty ladies!

I've been procrastinating to write up this reviews for hours and hours! HAHA, I guess I'm not used to reviewing brushes and I don't think I ever reviewed my brushes as most of my brushes are actually from cheap bargains and has no brands so I didn't bother to review them.

It comes with a black leather bag with white-silver lettering, and with those ribbon to secure your brush bag.

It consists of 5 make-up brushes for your face, kinda weird though, there's that thick fan brush there, I didn't even see that in my Amazon order picture.

One thing I like about these brushes is the foundation brush only, it applies nicely and it has soft bristles. I'm not sure of the origins of the bristles, but it is claimed to have goats hair. The rest of the face brushes (which includes the thick fan brush, powder brush, blush brush, angled brush) are just so scratchy that I actually would never ever use or let my face go through hell with these scratchy brushes. And they shed like it's nobody's business, I am aware of 

I should bin it, but I intend to use it to clean and dust my laptop with, LOL! Never ever put things to waste, I'd always do.

But fortunately, the eyeshadow brushes are purely awesome, they do shed a little but then, the bristles are soft and very nice to apply eyeshadows and it doesn't give you any scratchy feelings, so these are my go-to eyeshadow brushes. 

All in all, a great set, I can use most of them except for the face brushes =/ which is too bad, but then, not so much of a waste for me as I can use it as a dusting tool, lol.


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