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Thursday, 31 May 2012

Skincare Review : Snail Street Micro O2 Cleanser

Assalamualaikum pretty ladies!

On a recent haul, I've purchased of what might be a dupe for Skin79's 02 BB Bubble Cleanser, but I'm not going to make a comparison about those two as I haven't bought the cleanser, though I have 2 samples, but I don't think that's enough to make a comparison between these 2.

This is actually a product from a brand called Snail Street, bought it for almost $30, which maybe a little on the expensive side but then, I'm not going to use this everyday because I do have other cleansers to finish up too! It's only available in the Paloma shop, way to go for bringing new brands to Brunei! I actually found out that this is much cheaper than in Singapore, hmm. Might be because of my member's discount, I guess? Though I did hear that this baby is up for 30% discount.

It comes on a pump bottle which I found very efficient and also hygienic, but it pumps out as little product as it can so I needed 4-5 pumps to cover my whole face.

As from the above picture, it is of a gel consistency in a disgusting color, I mean, greyish black as colors for cleansers? Intriguing, yes. The effect of this cleanser is nice where you just have to massage this gel-like cleanser to your face, then it will slowly built up to make bubble foam which I found to be very fun, firm and soft. LOL.

You can actually wipe it with a cotton or tissue but to just make things very clean, I've washed it and it leaves me with a very SOFT and SMOOTH skin, there are claims about this being able to reduce pores and minimize scars' visibility but I'm not going to say anything about this cleanser except for the fact that it somehow brighten up my dull skin and leaves it with a soft healthy glow which doesn't get oily for a few hours! Great oil control! :D

And, I forgot to mention that since it comes from a brand named Snail Street, it does contain snail extracts, also, other thing is that it also contain Charcoal Bamboo.

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Make-up Review : Revlon Lipbutter in Strawberry Shortcake

Assalamualaikum pretty ladies!

Another post about the Revlon's Lip Butter, I'm telling you, this is the last of these Lip Butters that I'll buy, as I found a much better competition than this. Just a simple and short review.

I liked this more than Brown Sugar as this is more of a satin finish, but however, it has a very obvious blue-tone that I might not be able to pull this off with a heavy swipe, only just a small enough swipe on your lips, but still, I love the color on me. It looks better when I have that dark-ish smokey look.

It's more expensive than it's competition therefore it stumps the lipbutter.

Monday, 28 May 2012

Random Picture : FOTD Filed As The Box Model

Assalamualaikum pretty ladies!

We were busy studying in our database lab and one of my friend for which I call Kaka Huda, was so darned bored that she actually assembled the leftover CPU boxes that were left near the wall to become something like this and asked me to get, oh sorry, asked is such a weak word, but she has forced me to get into the arrangement of the boxes she made and asked me to smile as sincerely as possible, cuz she won't let me pout in dissatisfaction. LOL! 

I miss being in school <3

Sunday, 27 May 2012

Make-up Review : Revlon Lip Butter in Brown Sugar

Assalamualaikum pretty ladies!

I've joined in the Revlon Lipbutter's bandwagon a few weeks ago and purchasing this one, unfortunately, only about 8 of the colors are only released here and the ones that I've been lemming for isn't one of them. But I seriously would love to try out Creme Brulee or Peach Parfait.

I'll say that this glides softly, works a charm as a lipbalm + lipstick hybrid.

But one thing I hate, which I didn't carefully look at when I was swatching to buy this is that, it's too frosty to my liking, too many shimmers that the color seems so bronzy and metallic. 

It somehow didn't pick up the metallic sheen that I've been hating, lol. But to salvage this lip butter, what I do is that I used a light pink lipstick underneath and applied the lip butter over so as to create a more subtle nude-ish look, but this look won't come everyday, lol.

EOTD : It's Green :)

Assalamualaikum pretty ladies!

A look that I've made, well, I didn't take a lot of pictures of it and this is the most decent one that I can use without showing my hair. Sorry! :D

Comment for more EOTDs hehe

Saturday, 26 May 2012

Product Spotlight : Skinfood's Salmon Dark Circle Concealer

Assalamualaikum pretty ladies!

I would love to make another new segment to my blog, and I call it the "Product Spotlight" encasing a show and tell about a product that I've reviewed regardless of it as a bad/nyeh/good reviews as most products that I will put in this segment is ones that I deemed a little bit useless and found ways to actually use more of the product instead of letting it rot, mind you, I buy makeups and I intend to use every single ounce of the product, else I'll just give it to people who would give it more love.

So anyways, let's hear it for my concealer.

The Skinfood's Salmon Dark Circle Concealer, click text to go to the review.

I've used it frequently and as you can see, there's not much damage I've made even after months and months of using it, so it's hard to finish this up unlike some of my concealers that I've purchased and repurchased.

A salmon-tone yellow concealer, which is great for concealing my dark-circle but this one is very easy to slip, as it has a slippery creamy texture, so you have to buff it with powder so that it won't crease.

Another thing is, I don't want it to go to waste, and I would just love to finish up all of my products. So I did try using this for my blemishes, but it didn't do well on that area, it didn't hide my blemishes it accents my blemishes even more, so as a coverage concealer, this is not good.

But what I've done is, I've turned this into an eyeshadow base!

You can see the difference between the swatches, the black shimmery color is shown to be more pigmented and more beautiful than the latter. I currently don't have any eyeshadow bases, cuz I am waiting for my MUA eye primer and I haven't yet to purchase the Essence's Eyeshadow base. 

So this is a great alternative to eyeshadow base, and it sticks well too! It doesn't crease, though you might find it a little sticky when applying eyeshadows over the concealer but once you get the hang of it, you'd definitely won't mind the stickiness! :D

Friday, 25 May 2012

Make-up Review : Essence Gel Eyeliner in 03 Berlin Rocks

Assalamualaikum pretty ladies!

So another Essence review, I just can't stop buying Essence make-up products from Paloma, other department shops should  just ship this brand to BRUNEI! Cuz the sales assistants and also their manager recognized me having going there to shop, frequently! LOL.

So anyways, today we have a gel eyeliner for the review, I think there's about 3 colors from their website: Black, Dark Brown and Purple. Though I did found a Grey Gel Liner, which is weird cuz I thought they only have it in 3 colors only, so there might be more colors coming out, I guess?

The packaging is basically a simple sturdy glass jar, as per the usual packaging for gel liner. But they don't provide free eyeliner brush which is okay since it only has a price tag of $5.90, I think? A very cheap alternative for gel eyeliners.

 As you can see, I bought this in their purple Berlin Rock, and what I can say about this gel liner is that it has a very creamy texture, so creamy that it didn't require any pressure to dip into the product. Also, while it is creamy, it is also wet. 

The color is basically a dark purple with soft satin effect, why do purples have a hard time of showing their colors in camera? Because the color is much more beautiful than that.

It dries fast, at least 10 seconds maybe and after that, I would just say, good luck in wiping off the product of your skin because this don't budge or smudge at all

This is a very long-lasting eyeliner, it even go through a session in a swimming pool with me, though it smudges a little, but that's just it. But don't worry, you can wipe it off using your usual make-up removers.

For a $3.30 product, I must say this is the most impressive gel liner I have and I'm planning to stock on the black and brown liner because my Silkygirl's gel liner is drying up especially the brown liner.

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Random Picture : Messy Salad

Assalamualaikum pretty ladies,

I was just hungry the other day and decided to make a photo collage of what I was feel like eating that day.

Lettuce, blanched carrots, half-boiled eggs and potato. A sprinkle of blackpepper with home-made sambal as dressing for my salad.

Might not be so healthy as we had potato but most of the ingredients are boiled, while the lettuce are just raw, I love raw lettuce. Yums.

The sambal is just a simple condiment from caramelized onions, caramelized chillis and sweet soy sauce that are being blended into a thick sauce.

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Random Ranting : Testing A New App

Assalamualaikum pretty ladies,
Just testing out a new android app for.blogging.

So.. I can only post this as draft.. Great..

Monday, 21 May 2012

Make-up Review : Essence's Long-Lasting Eye Pencils

Assalamualaikum pretty ladies!

For today, again, I'll be reviewing an Essence product that I mostly love! It's the Long-lasting Eye Pencils, as of now, I have 3 in my possession as one of them, which is right at the bottom is a new addition to my ever-growing collection of Essence products.

The colors I currently have :
09 Cool Down
01 Black Fever
14 Think Khaki!

What I really love about these pencils are that they are mechanical pencils, so I only have to twist and hardly sharpen. Unless if you want a more precise application, you might have to sharpen it or a better solution is to actually swipe a liner brush on the pencil itself.

These babies, I usually use it to line under my eyes or tight-lining and lining my waterline, hardly use it above my lashline because it's not precise enough.

As you can see here, the amount of product is a lot for $3.30! But mind you, the texture of these pencils are smooth and very soft, my friend even broke a little over 1mm of my blue liner.

They are very pigmented and gave you matte colors with no shimmers, unfortunately I am unable to show you how beautiful the color is on the Think Khaki! pencil, but nevertheless, they are up to their claims, they are long lasting, they hardly budge, though a little smudge can be seen when rubbed with water but just a little.

If ever I finish up these eyeliner, I'd definitely repurchase and I'm thinking of buying other colors from this product, lol!

Saturday, 19 May 2012

Skincare Review : Skin Woman Quti1 Ice Cream Soap

Assalamualaikum pretty ladies!

This is an intriguing product as I'm not sure which one is the name of the brand, whether it is Quti1 or Skin Woman, that's why I put both names up and I can hardly find any reviews about this soap. Its actually made in Korea, though I found their website and let's face it, I can't read Korean so I won't really be able to find out more about this cleanser.

It claims to be of an Ice Cream Soap, but looks more like an Ice Sherbet to me, because it doesn't have the same consistency of an Ice Cream and there were 3 flavors for this soap : Aloe Vera (Green), Lemon (Yellow) and Strawberry (Pink). Obviously I chose the lemon soap and I kinda love the smell of it, it smells like freshly-juiced lemon, there's none of those artificial lemon scent that is usually used in skin products, this seriously smells like lemon.

It also have a spatula, a big plus for hygienic point of view. This soap claims to be alcohol free, petrochemical free and it is not tested on animals. So far so good.

You see the amount that I've scooped out? It is for the WHOLE entire face! Awesome right? I can see that I'll be using this for a very long time. Okay okay, here's the review:

This product is actually a make-up cleanser to remove your face and eye make-up without leaving any oil residue as it actually removes makeup and cleanses your face at the same time. It has some sort of a whipped consistency and I don't know how to explain this but it has a hard texture but when you're going to lather it on to your face it suddenly melts and becomes soapy.

It really removes your makeup, even your waterproof mascara and liner, it removes all of it. When you wash it off with water, the soap is removed easily leaving your face smooth and very much clean. Of all the make-up removal creams that I bought, they usually leave an oily film that I had to double cleanse. 

This is a great replacement for all of my make-up removal cleanser and with the cheap price tag of less than $10? It's really worth it and lasts a long time.

Thursday, 17 May 2012

Make-up Review : NYX's Soft Matte Lip Creams

Assalamualaikum pretty ladies!

For today, I'm going to review on the most anticipated NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams. It's a revolutionary of a liquid lipstick.

I've bought 4 colors only and I might plan to buy more and repurchase some as backup :D What I didn't expect them to be is that they are of a small plastic packaging and it looks like a children's plaything. But nevertheless a great product to start off with.

From left to right, I bought Milan, Stockholm, Istanbul and Antwerp

Out of all the colors that I like, I would prefer Istanbul as it gives me a nude baby pink wash over my lips and what I like about these lip creams are that they are long-lasting, it'll fade nicely when you finish your meals. It has this vanilla scent that is just divine. But I found one of them to have a plastic-ky smell, which is the Milan color.

Another favorite of mine would be Stockholm. It gives me a more impact to my smokey looks everytime I use this to match with my smokey eye makeup.

I'm not going to describe in details because this is somewhat a cult product which have been reviewed over and over again by other beauty bloggers and gurus. This is something I'd definitely buy and repurchase.

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Make-up Review : Essence Forget It! 3 in 1 Concealer

Assalamualaikum pretty ladies!

So, I'm going to now introduce you to one of the product that I've bought from the Essence counter in Paloma. It's a color corrector palette, only contain green, pink and yellow-brown concealers.

I'm very fortunate that the yellow-brown concealer matches my skin well, that it gives me a perfect coverage when applied correctly. The texture of this concealer is somewhat creamy but at the same time, a little on the powder-ish side. But I don't mind, because it last long, at least 5-6 hours before it starts to fade nicely.

I love the pink concealer of which I use for my dark circle. It seriously does brighten up my eye area and I've been using it whenever I have time to. Although I hardly use the green concealer though, cuz I hardly have any redness to cover up, but a good color to brighten up anywhere that needs brighten up, LOL.

Although a good concealer, it doesn't reach the borderline of great, but overall a nice and affordable product.

Sunday, 13 May 2012

Make-up Review : Missha The Style Tint

Assalamualaikum pretty ladies!

There was a grand opening for the newest Korean Cosmetic store in Brunei, MISSHA! :D
There was an announcement a few months ago by MISSHA, for whoever commented on a certain status on their Facebook fanpage, they'll receive free membership, so I just went and commented.

The card is beautiful when I picked it up, the samples below shown are from my friend's from 12Balletflats who have not been updating for so long, wish she's soon update her blog now that our exams are over :p

And I only received a sample of their make-up remover wipes and I bought their The Style Tint in the lightest pink, I'm not sure, LOL if only I can read Korean :)

This is the beauty samples, the member's card and the tint that I bought. Oh, if you're able to look closely, you'll see my real full name :p

It comes with, surprise surprise, with a brush applicator instead of the usual doe-foot applicators from other brands. And, I find it easier to control my application.

It comes off as a light pink color when first applied, it has a smooth and liquid texture, not too thick and not too runny. I found them to be not sticky, though lip tints aren't supposed to be sticky, LOL.

As you can see here, the tint  has darken up to a more flushed and darker pink tone, when applied to lips, it's so natural that you'd think that this color is actually your natural lip color. What I like most about this tint is that it can handle up to 5-6 hours and it can actually withstand a meal or two.

What I dislike about this tint? It's too expensive, it costs me about $26? It's too expensive for my budget, thankfully I wasn't in the spree mood and bought other stuffs too, who knows how much it will cost me.

But I'm thinking of trying their orange lip tint, but maybe in a couple of months' time :D

P.S:// I might be reviewing their samples :D so stay tune! :D

Friday, 11 May 2012

Make-up Collection : What's in my Make-up Bag

Assalamualaikum pretty ladies!

Today, I'm going to do something different and I would love to show you what I usually bring in my make-up bag. As you can see from the picture below, the bag I have is very transparent and un-glamour-ish, only because I like it to be practical, this bag won't see the light of the day anyways.

This bag is from Oxy's Travel Pack from a few years ago, so I'm not sure anymore wherever you can get something like this.

This is the face products that I usually bring in with me, my Silkygirl Foundation Powder, my face brush, my almost nil Holika Holika Petit BB Cream in Watery, just in case I need to touch up my BB Cream. Also I brought my Essence color-corrector and Maybelline's liquid concealer.

I mostly bring practical make-up, I didn't bring any blushes only because it usually lasts for more than 6 hours and even if it fades after the 6-hour mark, I don't even bother to touch up my blush.

Since I hate my Hi-Definition mascara, I brought this to my make-up bag and only use this when I forgotten to wear mascara when I'm at home. I usually bring my Essence liners everywhere, then my Silkygirl's liquid liner is something that I hardly use because I just hate the idea of liquid liner, but I definitely use this for makeup emergencies, lol.

The Silkygirl's eyeshadow quad is something of a necessity for me, not only I use this for my natural smokey look, I use the 3rd color to color in my eyebrow. The blue and purple duo eyeshadow is just something that I throw in, just in case I need a little color to spice up my makeup.

I bring a lot of lip products.Holika Holika's Berry Tint, Maybelline Baby Lips lipbalm, NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream, the Revlon's famous lip butter, Silkygirl's lipstick gloss and Avon's lipstick and lip gloss. Lastly my The Faceshop's lip palette

So that's about it, I think it's just a humble collection but I forgot to mention here that I usually bring a small angled brush and a small eyeshadow brush for my eye makeup retouch, lol.

Thursday, 10 May 2012

Want-it Wishlist : Essence Cosmetics

Assalamualaikum pretty ladies!

For today's Want-it Wishlist, it'll be the Essence cosmetic. It has taken Brunei by the bull, lol, what I meant was it sure does swoon me off from just buying Silkygirl's products!

Essence is a brand from Germany that houses LOW PRICED HIGH QUALITY MAKEUP! I've tried a fer of them, especially the long-lasting pencils, and I am planning to buy all of the colors and saying this, it's very cheap, I might be able to get all of the colors for less than $20 or maybe less than $15, so all in all, they are very cheap :D

I don't think the eyeliner pen is available in Paloma and that's what gets me going to want this pen more, they have great quality products for their pencils.

Their gel eyeliners, I recently got hold of their purple Berlin Rocks gel liner and what I can say about it is awesome, review about this will be posted and found a few reviews online that this liner is actually compared to MAC's fluidline. So, it is something that seems awesome to get hold of! 

Though their mono eyeshadows aren't released with many colors yet, I still want to try a few of them, especially the pink one.

Haven't tried the blush yet, I think it's available here, but not sure, but these colors seems beautiful, so why not? Hehe.

I'm a big fan of duo, trio or quattro eyeshadows. I never have any lust for mono eyeshadows

The colors of these blushes seems nice and very soft, just as I like it, hehe :D

The metallic eye pencils are, however, not available in Brunei :( I would love to get my hands on these. If they are as equal in terms of quality as their long-lasting pencils, definitely a must-buy! :D

Lip glosses are never my thing, give me matte and moisturizing lipsticks and I'm happy. Since these are cheap, why wouldn't I try it? HEE :D

Might be something I won't buy if ever these are priced more than $10. 

Well, lipglosses less than $5? what more could you want?


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