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Sunday, 30 October 2011

Random Ranting : It's a lot of spending.


I'm sorry for not posting anything for the last few days, I've been very, pretty much, distracted with the whole thing, losing my blogging mojos. I need to cut back on my shopping spree, I'm currently into Korean's cosmetic range, though I'm pretty much a big fan of Silky Girl, since most of my life I've been using Silky Girl's products and it never had any problem with my face so I better stick to it instead of buying a lot of foundations/concealers and such to keep myself up-to-date with the world of cosmetic, not that I'm saying I'm ignorant but whatever that fits with my skincare/make up routine should stay in it for at least, forever. LOL.

And yes, here's the collective haul that I've made in recent WEEKS not days, but WEEKS. okay? hahaha :p

First off, it's a Divine Dark Chocolate, it's a very DARK chocolate, it's so dark that it is bitter.

Okay, this is basically a contact lens case that has been bedazzled with green glitters. I actually put in my old lipstick in the case because it was melting. Both are from unknown brands hee :)


I bought a lip gloss for $4.50 which is very cheap, it comes in a tube, it is very delicious! LOL, I know its weird but it's in a caramel flavor. I think I want to buy the whole range of this kind of lip gloss as it is very comfortable to wear, I will be repurchasing this one over and over again :p

Maybelline's Fruity Jelly Lip Gloss in Crazy for Caramel
This is from the Paloma store, they carry in ELF cosmetic and Korean cosmetic, I know it's somewhat strange to have a Caviar Facial Mask, but the scent was okay, I didn't mind the scent, I can't really explain the scent, it is somewhat woody?

And for the Purederm's Mask, it is very nice, you can use twice for that one pack. I haven't tried out the Oatmeal's Mask, the Olive Oil Mask was refreshing, it feels almost like the stress on your face went with the mask when you washed it. I would definitely want to repurchase this mask, though it's not exactly hydrating, it just gives my face skin a supple and tight texture. And I do have to use a moisturizer from the Tony Moly's Sample after using the mask.

Jasaengsu's Hi Collagen Essence Mask Sheet in Natural Jelly and Caviar. Purederm's Oatmeal Anti-Stress Heat Therapy Mask and Olive Oil Ultra Hydrating Shea Butter Mask

Got this recently from The Faceshop, I've used up the Vita E Face Mask and I seriously love it, it hydrates my face really well and I love the fact that the face sheet is very thin and it fits well with my face shape. I would definitely repurchase it!
The Face Shop's Vita E [Egg and Milk Extract], Vita C [Raspberry and Strawberry Extract] and Vita B [Cucumber and Broccoli extract]
Okay, I seriously love this, though I hate the fact that it gives me breakouts, I can actually use this for moisturizing my hands and also for cuts and burns.

Amway's Aloe Care Gel

This is the sample I get from buying Tony Moly's Face Masks. I seriously love the Fresh Tear Drop sample, I would love to purchase it but if there's still sample for it, then I would take the sample. Though I don't use this as much as I would, I usually use this after having exfoliation.

Then the Cherry Lip Tint, I don't think I would buy this product, but it is a nice change from having to re-apply your lip balm and lipstick. I can just apply this with a lip balm and no matter through out the day, the color will still be there. And I think it's a keeper, it should last long enough i.e 2 months.

Fresh Tear Drop Emulsion and Toner Sample and Cherry Lip/Cheek Tint

This is the Essential Line and I seriously love the strawberry smell, instead of the artificial strawberry smell, it smells like the fruit itself, but however, I won't be repurchasing any of the fruit mask but I would love to buy the leafy masks i.e Green Tea, Aloe, Tea Tree because the fruit mask gave me a sticky feeling on my face that I have to wash it off, in case it attracts ants :p

Tony Moly's Essential Mask Sheet Pack in Green Tea, Cucumber, Pomegrante and Strawberry
Super-loving this mask, it refreshes my face and it gave me a tight feeling that it tightens up the pores, this is a repurchase must.

Tony Moly's Super Q10 Natural Pulp Essence Sheet Mask
The Cottony Essence Line, I don't really like the thickness of the sheet mask, but I seriously love how it gave me a cooling feel and the Wild Ginseng actually smell nice! I certainly would repurchase this :)

Tony Moly's Cottony Essence Sheet Mask in Manuka Honey, Wild Ginseng and Lemon

I use this balm at night underneath my eyes and on my lips, I gave it to any of my cuts and it does stop the bleeding, I think it functions almost like the Egyptian Magic Cream, but I don't know, I don't really love how it makes me feel oily at night, though the next day the balm is fully absorbed giving my skin a feeling of soft and supple.
Tony Moly's Dr.Tony Sensitive Multi Healing Balm

Saturday, 15 October 2011

Random Ranting : Tony Moly Small Haul


I went to the mall a few days ago, then there's this Wedding Expo, which I actually adore what with a wedding dress being displayed on a carriage, it was very awesome. I went to the Tonymoly's booth, they have amazing choice of facial masks and I'm a nutter for facial masks too. LOL. So anyways, I just bought these, the samples was for free though.

Cottony Essence Sheet Mask Citrus and Milk Essence, Essential Mask Sheet Pack Aloe Vera and Tea Tree Essence and a sample of Fresh Aqua Tear Drop Toner and Emulsion.

The Cottony Essence Sheet Mask Milk Essence was used before I can take picture of my haul, I was eager to use the Milk Essence. The mask was a bit thick from what I'm used to, but all in all, it's very nice and refreshing after using it. The fragrance is very nice too.

It is said that in the website, the Milk Essence will moisturize the skin, comfort and plumping the skin. So I guess it does work well. After the facial mask, I applied the Fresh Aqua Tear Drop Toner and Emulsion sample.

Fresh Aqua Tear Drop Toner
Water based product contains high quality of water, gives moisture and freshness to your skin. You will feel softness and nutrition.

Fresh Aqua Tear Drop Emulsion
This intensive hydrating nutritious emulsion moisturizes and revitalizes the skin as it contains one of the world’s four finest water resources, which have been known to have miraculous effects in history. It makes the skin energized and radiant by balancing nutrition and moisture delivered by its various plant-derived ingredients.

Ok, so that was the description of the sample, what I can say after using the sample is that my face is very supple and moisturized from it.

Picture below is the TONYMOLY Tomatox Magic White Massage Pack and it's top on my must-have list because there's a lot of good reviews on this product. 


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