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Saturday, 25 May 2013

Make-up Review : Essence's Lipstick in All About Cupcakes

Assalamualaikum pretty ladies!

I've been procrastinating in doing blog posts nowaday, I'm sorry! But I'm still enjoying my holidays right now though I'm actually just staying at home and watch Big Bang Theory all over again. I've actually been in love with Essence lipstick in All About Cupcake.

I bought this with an intention of just trying out since it seems so creamy and matte-looking unlike the rest of the colours where they have shimmers. So this is the only one I've made.

It is in a simple plastic packaging, looking very cheap but hey, Essence have proven that they have cheap packaging but has good quality.

I'm very torn in describing the colour of this lipstick as it is between a MLBB shade and a nude cool-toned bubblegum pink. I guess it is a MLBB shade when my lips are so pale but it is a nude bubblegum pink when my lips appeared to be darker.

The texture is very creamy with a sheen to it. It is also very moisturizing and it doesn't dry up your lips, it could last me to about 3-4 hours before I have to reapply, which is fine by me as with this lipstick, it's not such an annoying thing to reapply, because I love it so much! It also has a candy scent.

I wanted to buy more of the Essence lipsticks but I don't really like the shimmery texture. But I would buy more of these as soon as I have my makeup budget.

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Make-up Review : Catrice's Defining Blush in Love & Peach

Assalamualaikum pretty ladies!

I've always been intrigued by Catrice, I have to admit that I still haven't start to actually really explore the brand despite the affordable price that Paloma sets for it. I  haven't tried their retractable pencils yet, though I'm not sure if they do have it though.

Since I'm lacking a nice collection of blush, I decided to purchase this blush in shade Love & Peach. Although I haven't tried out many blush, I think I'm more suitable to cooler-toned blushes as it gives a nice glow impact on the whole.

This is a peachy coral blush. I really love coral blushes, well, I only have one before this but I like how it looks like on my skin, so I definitely would buy more shades on the coral side..

I like the texture of this blush, very soft and not so chalky. However, the color is beautiful but it is very subtle, I guess less pigmented I would say. But I think it's okay because it won't get you into trouble as you can build up the color up until your heart's desire. But it's too bad that it doesn't last long, around 5-6 hours it would fade. I think I'd prefer my Silkygirl's blush more than this, but I just can't get my head around buying a blush from that brand as it's just too expensive for the amount of product it gives.

Although I was a little disappointed with this blush, but I still love how it looks on me. I'd definitely buy more in other shades.

Friday, 17 May 2013

Make-up Review : Tonymoly Cristal Blusher in No.5

Assalamualaikum pretty ladies!

Another reviews for you girls, I found the mood to write up a review for all you ladies. As some of you might have noticed in Instagram, my makeup has been consistently on a barely there but there makeup i.e. less smokey eyeshadows, thin eyelining and neutral lip colors.

I was on a lookout for a skintone eyeshadow shade, I've been surveying and actually asked a few Bruneian bloggers of their favorite skintone shade, I seriously thank them for their cooperation and though I love what they have recommended, I might just buy them soon enough when I have enough money to buy makeup. I actually found this blusher that I just fall in love with, AT FIRST SIGHT!

I think, it's technically a bronzer of some sort, the SA informed me that this is a blush but it is so sheer to be a blush, I mean, I don't think it would show up on me, do they? LOL! I really love this shadow, it may be a bit lighter than my skintone, but it matches perfectly for an everyday neutral barely-there look.

The texture is quite buttery, I always use my ring finger to apply this and it is very smooth and not chalky at all. I would say the color is matte, but it has micro-shimmer in it, it is so micro that I don't think people could actually see it, it would've made a nice subtle highlighter underneath your browbone and your inner corner but as a highlighter above your blusher, I don't think so. I tried to put it on my cheeks, it's hardly noticeable.

As an everyday wash-over your lid colour, this is amazing, it doesn't crease and very long-lasting, it's on more of the expensive side, but since I'll be using this every single time I apply eyeshadow, I think it's worth it since it has a large amount of product.

Thursday, 16 May 2013

Product Review : Intimate Secret Body Mist

Assalamualaikum pretty ladies!

I know I'm not that good when it comes to reviewing perfumes and body mists. However, I really love these body mists so much that I'm putting it up for reviews. I bought this from Paloma, my friend made a big hassle out of these body mists that I was very curious to try it out. After all, it costs me around $4.90 per bottle.

Apart from the cheap price, as a VIP member, we do get our 10-15% discount, so it is much cheaper. I was tempted to buy all, because it is much cheaper than Victoria's Secret Body Mist, though I know the ones floating around Brunei is not the original body mists, but I love the Mango Temptation's Body Mist, I've been using it sparingly because I'm afraid to finish it up.

So anyways, I've bought two of them, as they are the ones that I'm more attracted to, which is Sensual Vanilla and Sheer Attraction. I like the fact that these body mists hardly has that obvious alcohol scent. Most body mists that are sold here has too much alcohol, especially those brands from Indonesia. It's very watery and I can relate these body mists to those ironing sprays? That's how the consistency is.

I guess the longevity of this product is short, for only an hour, I think. What I like about these mists is that they aren't overpowering no matter how much you spray, it won't ever be too overpowering. Like I said, it's more watery than alcohol in it.

I like Sheer Attraction more than Sensual Vanilla, it has notes of Melon, Plum and Freesia. It's more fruity than floral, it has this sweet subtle scent and it really does reflect my personality or my signature scent as my friend told me that most of the scents I go for are usually scents that smells like I've just been from a shower or a bath. LOL.

The Sensual Vanilla however, has a sweet sickly but still subtle scent of vanilla, it also has a floral note to it, I can't pin it down though. But overall, I still like it, I just prefer the Sheer Attraction more.

What I like about the body mist is that it seems to also moisturize my skin too, lightly, but it doesn't leave a sticky residue. 

Do you have your favorite body mist?

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Gadget Gossip : My Laptop

Assalamualaikum pretty ladies!

A new section for my blog! I can't wait to write up about gadgets in this section more :D

So, I'm more to buying stuffs for my laptop rather than buying makeups these days. I hardly even hauled any makeup for this month of May(shocking, I know!), except that I've been buying too many skincare products lol.

Ever since my laptop died on me, I was able to pick up the courage to actually screw open my laptop. I've done it several times that it doesn't bother me so much when I see my laptop out in the open where I can see the motherboard and such.

To me, it's such an achievement that I was able to open all this up and manage to source out any few problems that's hovering in my laptop. It costs me $300+ to fix this baby up to make sure it looks good and new.

Some people actually told me that it's better to actually just buy a new laptop but I don't think so! For a girl like me who studies in computing, any cheap laptop does not justify on how I use my laptop. I use my laptop for programming, a little bit of designing, gaming, surfing the Internet and blogging. Also, I think of this laptop as a tool for me to do everything. I even use my laptop to revise for my tests and exams.

But to me, the $300+ is justified, I mean, imagine how much I would have to spend if I were to ever actually send it to the nearest repair shop. I could see thousands of dollars going out just to fix this baby.

This is the culprit to the mess that I'm going through, the fried motherboard. There's a few other stuffs that I bought from eBay to restore this laptop to its former glory.

- Motherboard US$129 + US$30
- Bottom Case US$70.61 + Free Shipping
- Hinges US$9.99 + US$9.99
- Battery US$23.72 + US$13.48

Altogether = US$286.79 or B$352.75

To Bruneians, most of you know how much is our university allowance and I pretty much spent all of it to restoring my laptop. I've actually heard a story where a girl actually send her laptop to Singapore so they can actually fix the motherboard because the in the girl's laptop, there was pictures, videos and stuff that she thinks of was of high value. 

And it costs her $2000+ to fix it. She could just gotten a new laptop or just screw off the internal harddisk and take it to make it as an external harddisk. She can actually ask someone who knows how to screw open a laptop to retrieve the harddisk for free.

Then just buy a new laptop, done. So can you see where I get off with this story? If I send this baby out to a repair shop, $2000+ can easily be ripped off by me. Minus shipping the laptop from-to Singapore, which would cost around $200 using DHL, there's the extra $1800. Then a motherboard can cost you about $200, but you have the $1600. 

I'll stop here and you can make it into a conclusion how ridiculous it is.

But fortunately, I have a friend who is so nice of him to actually help me with restoring my laptop. Although there was actually a few of my friends who are willing to help me fix my laptop, I always turn their offer down and ask this friend to help me because of the trust I have of him handling my laptop.

This is my baby, I worked with this baby for 2 years and running, I don't want just any person to handle it. LOL! All I need to do is to reformat the laptop! I don't mind investing and spending all my money towards my laptop because of the fact that it helped me through thick and thin throughout my years in ITB, so why should I abandon this laptop.

So, I'm not just a pretty face that uses laptop with such ignorance of technical knowledge anymore. One way or another, I'm glad that this laptop made such a chaos in my life as I've learnt a lot of things on how to fix this baby. My advice to all you ladies out there, it's nice to have a friend who actually has technical knowledge on how to fix your laptops and other gadgets because you save more money that way.

Monday, 13 May 2013

Skincare Review : Eskinol Papaya Facial Toner

Assalamualaikum pretty ladies!

Sorry again for disappearing on you ladies, but don't worry, InshaAllah, I'll be setting up a few reviews that could last me till June, I think. So by the time June came, I would be able to reveal you my UK haul, I REALLY CAN'T WAIT FOR MY STUFF TO ARRIVE!

So anyways, to some people who actually has my personal instagram, which is @dknurazimah202 would know that my laptop has come back alive! I seriously am stoked and so joyful that I didn't give up on my baby. There's still bits and bobs that I need to do, modifying this baby. So now, I have no more excuses for any sudden hiatus or anything because I know I'll be back up and blogging.

So anyways, I've actually bought this from my April haul, I've been trying this on and off lately. It came from the persuasion by Nisah that made me feel intrigued to buy this and try it out myself.

I am pretty much prepared for the fact that it could be drying for me as it contains alcohol. But I am a believer of the fact that just because it's cheap, doesn't mean it's made up of rubbish, so I gave this product the benefit of the doubt.

I apply this product on my face with a piece of cotton bud as how I usually do with my toner, this will then "deep-cleanse" my skin and relieve me of any leftover dirt from washing my face. What I like about this product is that, it gives me that refreshing feeling so that it eases up when I apply the next step, which is moisturizing.

But unfortunately, ever since I've started trying out this products, there were little bumps of those zits that contains that yellow icky pus and when I say little, it is LITTLE to the point that it takes a long time for it to recede, I don't even know how to get rid of these little zits, so I decided to stop using this toner before it gets worse.

I do realize that some of my acne scars has lighten up far too quickly, but the fact that I can't get on with this product without it giving me little bumps is very disappointing.

Friday, 10 May 2013

Beauty Bought : Well, not quite a beauty bought.

Assalamualaikum pretty ladies!

One last haul, that I made in April is somehow not beauty-related but more towards to indulge the geeky side in me.

I've bought the power source extension that I would bring to school because since I'm a computing student and spend all my time in this special lab where only a bunch of us knows how to enter it with the pincode, so I put all my stuff there, heck, I even place my laptop there all day, while I go to my usual lectures and tutorial, because it's safe there.

So, having to think about the amount of stuff that I need to charge, I decided to buy the extension so I can just put all my charging devices in one place, instead of going here and there inside the lab just to charge them.

I've totalled 2 mouse devices so far, since I love the agility and the weight of this cheap mouse, I certainly am keeping this safe in a bag so I won't be careless in taking care of the gadgets I own. Also bought an earpiece set, which I very much love and intend to collect a few of it since my mom is the one selling it.

Also bought a $2 mouse pad which I actually bought before but then I've misplaced it. I remember it being so smooth but somehow, I hardly use it now because it doesn't have that smoothness that I seek when I place my mouse there.

Lastly, as it's already a general knowledge in my blog that my laptop has decided to die on me, so I've picked up a set of screwdriver so I can literally screw around with my laptop, I think I am quite a techie these days as I am able to unscrew and screw my laptop without any supervision at all.

So, that's a long post, I hope you girls are entertained by this post, lol. I am planning to buy a harddisk drive, which my mom is selling too, so I'd definitely use my next pay to buy it. As I've actually and literally spent all my May's pay towards buying the spare parts for my laptop.

Thursday, 9 May 2013

Beauty Bought : The Second in April

Assalamualaikum pretty ladies!

This is my second haul. Although I have to admit, at least it still is moderate shopping. But don't worry, I'm going to make a haul post soon on what I bought in May and also a major haul that I ordered from UK. So I definitely have a lot of reviews to make that could fill up my whole remaining 2013. LOL.

This is what I bought from Winmark, which is a very exclusive drugstore. There are times that things from Winmark are exclusive there meaning it's not available at any other stores. But I never really bought anything there unless it's something I really want.

I bought an Eskinol Papaya Toner, which comes with full recommendation from a fellow blogger, Nisah. Though I have to admit, I'm still not sure of whether I like this toner or not. Then I bought a deodarant that I really liked so far though when this one is finished, I'll try something new.

Enchanteur is most probably a brand I really like the smells of, they have this flowery and powdery scent that seems to remind me about sleeping, lol

Going to my favorite store, which is the Paloma, I went in and actually bought a lot of stuff there, but there's only four of them that are for me to try out and my first lip product from Essence! I think I will purchase more of these Essence lipstick because I definitely love them.

Then, a haul I made at the Airport Mall, I was very drawn in by Tonymoly's blush, though I don't think it does show up on my cheeks so well but as an everyday wash of color on my lids, it definitely is my holy grail.

Also picked up the Clariderm's Astringent, this time with lesser intensity so I don't have to deal with the peeling too much. Hope you like my haul!

There's actually another haul post up.

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Beauty Bought : First in April

Assalamualaikum pretty ladies!

This is probably late to the party, but I've hauled this in April. The first purchase I made for April.

I basically just bought a liquid eyeliner, blush amd lipstick from Catrice. Also cheap body mists from Intimate Secrets but I bet they are rip-off brand for Victoria Secret judging from the name and also the spray bottles they came with.

This haul isn't super exciting but I'd definitely review on each of the products mentioned above. So far, the eyeliner is pretty much a let-down for me.

Random Ranting : I'm back in the blogging world

Assalamualaikum pretty ladies!

I'm back! I just finished my exams just yesterday. I am very sorry of the fact that I haven't properly blogged any reviews or beauty posts here. But soon enough after fixing my laptop, I will definitely be on track. I use iPad to blog this post which isn't so bad but I have to keep on trying to find ways on how I will post up pictures here. I might just use my Dropbox.

I've been thinking about things and stuffs for my blog, I might just not restrict it to beauty-related post only, I'd like to actually post up reviews on books that I'm currently reading and also software/apps that I've been loving/hating so much.

I might just make a short diary on how I am able to fix my laptop so all you beauty girls should know what to expect if your laptop is not being itself. A few bits and bobs about what I know of. So InshaAllah I will start resuming posts in a matter of a few days.


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