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Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Reader's Opinion : Concealers

Assalamualaikum pretty ladies!

Time for another questions for you ladies out there. I'm a girl with an acne-prone skin, no matter how many times, I never have the willpower not to pop my pimples, a beauty blogger who loves to pop her pimples. LOL. So this ends up in the fact that I have scarring, I can make a Connect-The-Dot on my pimples and you can draw a moon on my cheek, literally. Fortunately, with a scrubbing routine of every 2-3 days, I am able to keep my acne scars at bay, I still can get away with just BB Cream with no concealers, but of course, my scars are still visible but not so noticeable from far away.

I've only had bought 4 concealers, out of the four, only one of them, I've repurchased more than twice. Which is the The Faceshop's Stick Concealer, it was housed in a black sleek lipstick-like packaging, unfortunately they've changed the packaging into something more cuter of which I've disliked as I really love the sleek black packaging. 

So anyways, I wanted to try new concealers but I still am not sure which brand I should buy a concealer from. Any suggestion?

Monday, 26 November 2012

Make-up Review : Essence Silky Touch Blush in Natural Beauty

Assalamualaikum pretty ladies!

Again with another Essence product, I hope you're not bored with my Essence adventures because they really have good quality make-up despite the low price. This is my 4th blush product, I don't own quite a number of blush, I hope it would stay that way too, but I do want to try more of these blushes from other colours as I seem to find myself in a comfort zone of buying just ones with a natural tone to it.

I love this non-nonsense packaging, I won't have to grope through my makeup collection to look at the color, not that it would be a problem as this is the only powder blush I have from Essence, but I'm just saying that, you won't have to open the packaging to look at the colors.

Although the packaging is similar to my concealer palette, also from, duh, Essence.

So the color, I'm sorry is a little too sheer from the swatch, but the color is almost like a muted rose pink, it really is natural and mimics the red flush of your skin but of course the color can be built up to a more reddish pink depending on your preference.

Since these kind of blushes takes very long to finish up, I don't think I'll be repurchasing this, I'd move on to another blusher.

Saturday, 24 November 2012

Make-up Review : Essence Eyebrow Stylist Set

Assalamualaikum pretty ladies!

I'm feeling a little unwell today, hopefully it goes away soon. InshaAllah. I'm going to review ANOTHER Essence product, gee, I'm Essence-biased nowadays, I don't even look at any products from any Korean cosmetics anymore, unless I come across it in the blog reviews and found it awesome then I'd check it out and since I'm on a very tight budget, I couldn't spend most of my budget on makeups,

Anyways, this is my second eyebrow product, I think I'm not adventurous enough for my brows, I do find my first eyebrow pencil to be a little too dark for everyday's look, so I bought this with a recommendation from a friend who knows more about makeup than I do.

They have three eyebrow stencils of which is just toooooooooo thin for my eyebrow and I like my eyebrows to be thick. Also they are actually enclosed in a capsule-like packaging. I don't really like it as it really is easy to lose either of the packaging and the real products are housed in a flimsy plastic packaging. So I might try to find something in my room to find a new home for these two eyebrow powders.

The eyebrow powders are very pigmented, also I find that the small brush included is actually nice to disperse the product onto your eyebrows. I mix both of the powder to give me a nice natural look, if I were to want to make it a little dramatic, I'll just use the darker powder.

It sets really well with my MUA Clear Mascara, last longer if set with a brow gel/clear mascara. Without any setting wax/gel, it could last up to 5-6 hours, which is not bad for a very cheap brow powder. I would definitely repurchase this but I hope they put it in a more sensible packaging!

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

In My Bag : The Brown Satchel

Assalamualaikum pretty ladies!

I feel like I haven't actually shared you a post or two about "What's In My Bag" editions, so here I am, letting you girls look at my junk, lol. I usually wear this brown satchel everywhere, kinda worth the RM25/B$10 I paid for as it is still like a brand-new bag to me. 

So I'd like to invite you to nose around what's in my bag. It's messy, I know! LOL.

So first up, my LV wallet (FYI, I changed to another new wallet as I found this wallet to have no space for putting cards in and it's so bulky), a planner that I need to bring to anywhere I go, just incase people might invite me to their functions or bringing me out for an outing. No, it doesn't really mean that I go out a lot, it's just that, sometimes I have a  lot invitation that I sometimes forgotten which invitation is for which date, so this comes to be very helpful. 

Also, for IT students, a pendrive is a must to bring everywhere. Then the transparent bag, sorry for the poor picture taken, it's my first-aid bag. I would definitely put a different post to this, so stay tune.

Next, is my hand cream, pens, compact powder from Silkygirl, a pack of dry tissue and wet tissue, also a supply of Kotex, although I hardly bring these as I have a very unpredictable menstrual period. Also an earpiece I bought from Kawaiikoya.

I was currently lazy to top up my travel perfume bottle with my current favorite perfume, which is Victoria's Secret Mango Temptation Body Mist, tempting alright! I love this perfume so much, although it's bulky to bring out. Then my makeup bag (gonna do a separete post too), mints and Skin79 BB Cream. The BB Cream, I'm going to give it to a friend as I have two bottles of this and it does take a long time to finish it as I have other BB Creams to finish up too.

Hope you like my post!

Sunday, 18 November 2012

Random Ranting : The beauty outside.

Assalamualaikum pretty ladies!

I just feel like writing now that I've finished watching a season from Big Bang Theory, two seasons from Ghost Whisperers, a few episodes updated from The Vampire Diaries, a 54-episode of Korean Drama, Dae Janggeum. Yes, I might have been that jobless, LOL! But anyways, I felt like it's been a long time that I haven't really chat in here, I've been productive in planning for new stuffs next year, I might be busy for the whole December, I have wedding invitations from my friends, oh I am so jealous that a lot of my friends are getting married, although I am young at 21 years old, I still want to get married at an early age. So too much information, we'd skip on that.

As time goes on, my makeup routine would differ from day-to-day, I realized that my makeup has getting more thicker and thicker, in a sense that, the amount of foundation/BB Cream has increased and without realizing it, I started to use foundation sponge as my stippling brush gave streaky finish to my makeup. I kept on wondering why it gave away a bad finish, but didn't really stop to think about it.

Then I was bored of doing nothing, I play around with my makeup, just using a small pea-size amount of BB Cream and foundation mixed in, then I realized how stupid I am for increasing the amount of BB Cream/Foundation I used for the past few weeks, and I realized that the small amount I used from playing around has given me good results, last longer than when the times I used more amount that I needed.

Basically this is a journal of me rediscovering how to wear makeup. I'm still learning.

Friday, 16 November 2012

Make-up Review : Essence Longlasting Eye Pencil in Hot Chocolate

Assalamualaikum pretty ladies!

So I've actually reviewed about this before, but I just love these so much, I've actually repurchased the black one. I'm so in love with these Essence retractable pencils. 

I really love the brown liner, this is my second brown liner, the first one was the Silkygirl's brown gel liner, I love the natural effect it gives to my natural no-makeup look! 

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Make-up Review : Holika Holika Enamel Lipstick in BR501

Assalamualaikum pretty ladies!

This is a lipstick from Holika Holika and I realized I never really gave reviews of lipsticks and mascaras, but I'm trying to do that now. I was a bit disappointed with myself that I bought this as I've actually found a Maybelline's lipstick that has almost the same shade, much cheaper and much more better in terms of performance.

I love the packaging though, it's very sturdy and very beautiful among my dull lipstick collection. I've been toying around with this lipstick as I'm still not sure whether I love it or hate it. But the packaging's theme is similar to some of the products, especially my Primer Base, translucent purple plastic with gold. Overall, not a bad packaging too.

The downside is that if you're collecting these, you won't know which one is which, unless you remember the codes, you'd have to open each one to find the shades you want.

The one I picked up is a nude peachy pink, I think the color suits me for those smokey looks, I always pair this with several coats of red tint, so I'd be able to use this daily without looking so dead, not that the lipstick isn't so flattering, but wearing it with a natural look, it would make me look like I'm sick.

The texture is somewhat creamy but on a dry side. At first few applications, it went well with me, but after that, I have problems with it being so glittery, the lipstick is rough to wear as there are glitter grits. The glitters aren't so noticeable, but sometimes if you're not being careful, don't use your fingers to apply this on your lips as the glitter would transfer everywhere.

I was regretful as at that time I wanted a matte lipstick and this is actually a matte lipstick, but I dislike the gritty glitters ans it really does seeps onto your lip line, so apply lipbalm before the lipstick. I wished I bought the creamy line as it would've been much more bearable than this.

Saturday, 10 November 2012

Want-It Wishlist : November 2012

Assalamualaikum pretty ladies!

Random Picture : A trip to Miri

Assalamualaikum pretty ladies!

So I went up to the border to visit our shopping haven at Miri, we only went to Boulevard and Permy Mall. Too bad though, I wished we went to Parkson as it seems to be the only place that has Rimmel's cosmetics, I seriously want to try their foundations. But anyways, all is not lost, but I basically spent all my money on food, we went to McDonald and I've decided to go ahead and order a Big Mac, can you believe that it was my first time eating Big Mac? Seriously, I'm not a big fan of any cult products including Starbucks! Oh the horror! LOL.

But I could say that I would stick to Big Mac or any of its beef burger cousins as it didn't give me diarrhea like how the Spicy McChicken Deluxe does, everytime.

But I am a big fan of the San Francisco's Coffee place, a little like Starbucks/Coffee Bean but I like it as it isn't so packed as most people would prefer the latter. But then, I found out that San Francisco closed down :( but then there's the Sao Paolo Coffee, I had the Green Tea Chai Latte which doesn't even have an ounce of tea in it, I mean, I can taste only Vanilla. But then, I love Vanilla, so all is not lost here.

Best mints ever! LOL, but yeah, I thought it was only exclusive to Miri, I found out that some minimarts in Brunei do sell these, oh swell, but at least I won't have to go as far as Miri to buy these anymore! I actually bought a lot to last me a week, LOL. 

Famous Amos cookies, delicious!

Okay, I think I'm not being adventurous and stuck to the brand that I know so well works. So I bought my first tinted lip balm, yeay, LOL. I love it, so reviews will come soon. I want to still give IN2IT a chance for its brand, as I find the mascara I bought to be a disappointment, so yeah, I'll be testing this out in a few days.

Thursday, 8 November 2012

Random Picture : A Haul and a Hiatus.

Assalamualaikum pretty ladies!

Sorry for the lack of posts, I actually didnt realize that I haven't put up any scheduled posts, lol. So anyways, I've actually been unwell, I had a toe injury which have been going on for 2 months and I've been trying to cure it for sometime now, even asked for our "tabib" to help me with the toe injury but then he himself can't help me because the toe injury was very sensitive that I was sent to the hospital to treat it, it was fine, but the antibiotics and the painkillers were killing me.

Not in the sense that it didn't work, it did hold off the pain, but it really made me so sleepy, I have never had a sleepy week up to now, lol. I've run out of my medications, so the toe injury which is still healing is more sensitive now that I'm off of the painkillers, I wish they gave me more :( but I just don't like the aftereffect of taking them, lol!

So anyways, a few nights ago, went out with my girls for an "ambuyat" dinner! I wish I've taken a pic of the foods we had, because it was delicious! And we actually went to a Paloma store at Serusop, my plan was just to saunter and window shop there, I did see a few LA Splash items sold, but somehow they have flimsy packaging that I don't think I'll be buying them.

I was just gonna buy the Longlasting pencils, in fact, I was just gonna stick with my shopping ban, but then, oh well, no use of justifying why I wanted to buy them :p
So I've actually bought one of those eyebrow powder from Essence, an my girls also bought them too, I do have an eyebrow pencil but I do want to try a few, since Essence is a fairly budget cosmetic, well why not. 

Also bought the brown eyeliner as I am actually trying to find a new routine to create a natural look for everyday. Reviews up ahead, InshaAllah.

Friday, 2 November 2012

Sample Review : Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream

Assalamualaikum pretty ladies!

So another Missha sample that I've tried and it's the famous M Perfect Cover BB Cream. A lot has made this the cult BB Cream that gives great coverage, long-lasting and some other claims. I've tried this yonks ago and this is me reviewing it now, such a procrastinator, but don't worry! My reviews is as legit as it can be, because I even wrote down on a memo how I get on with this BB Cream.

And I've got the shade No.23, I find this a little too light for me, but I can mix it with a darker foundation to create the perfect match for my skin. But I did use this alone without foundation and I found that it is able to oxidize to a shade slightly matching to my skintone. I really don't mind though because no one's gonna be differentiating my neck and face because of my hijab, so no one can really see my true skintone :p

Ahem, as far as coverage goes, I would say medium as I really have prominent blemishes which I blame myself for, it would be a miracle if any foundation or BB Creams are able to give a full coverage on my blemish-prone skin. As far as it goes, I can go for 8 hours without touch-up. I am very impressed with the performance of this BB Cream, I think it might stump my favorite Hot Pink BB Cream but I'd definitely won't be buying the full-size until I've finished at least 3-4 BB Creams from my stash. So a great product in my book.


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