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Thursday, 15 January 2015

Beauty Spotlight: Jessup Kabuki Brushes

Assalamualaikum pretty ladies!

So hey, this is supposed to be another haul post but I decided to just give you guys a short review on this brush set. I've seen these Jessup brushes floating around in Facebook, an online shop was selling it for $40 something. I was tempted at first, but I thought, let's check on eBay, well, I could say it is pretty much cheaper than the online seller is selling and I'd feel ripped off if I were to order these from them. NOT THAT I don't support local sellers but if it is something obtainable by me, then why not.

These Jessup brushes are basically dupes from different brands that are selling these types of brush sets, I know it's a dupe for Sigma's kabuki set and also I found BHCosmestic selling the kabuki brushes set. It isn't so dissimilar from other Chinese makeup brush dupes floating around eBay.

But what really intrigues that these Jessup brushes, when googled, there's some reviews available by trusted bloggers, so this is something that attracts me to purchase these brushes. And with the competitive prices being sold only, of course I decided to click the Add to Cart button. They have different colors and

When I received these brushes, I am so over the moon of how soft their bristles are. Although I was a bit concerned with their softer-than-soft bristles of how they are able to perform when applying products on my face. But not to worry, they apply and blends smoothly, you feel like you're massaging your face so lightly, I've tried most of the brushes using liquid and powders.

I do really love to use the eye kabuki brush to apply and blend my concealers, although I didn't try the face brushes to apply contour, but I assume with a large diameter, I don't think I'd be able to as my contouring skill is just so-so. There's no fall out and they wash and dry well. So overall, for a brush set less than $20, I think this is worth the money! I am also thinking of buying other makeup brush set that Jessup has to offer! This brand is also perfect for starting up your professional kit if you can't afford Sigma or any other professional brush brands.

Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Beauty Buys: Makeup Revolution

Assalamualaikum pretty ladies!

And here we are again with yet another haul, but this time the brand is Makeup Revolution, I bought the different palettes that they offered and you guys know I am a palette junkie. I bought 2 of their eyeshadow, Iconic Dreams and Salvation Run Boy Run Palette. A blush and also a contour palette, along with their concealing palette.

Although I did buy a blush palette from this brand, I just can't pass on the chance on trying out their single blushes as some of the colors are quite unique and not yet in my collection.

Overall, most of the makeup I've tried are just awesome! Although the intense lacquer has a good performance, too bad the color is way too cool for my skintone but I did try to make it work.

And, no, I did not buy all of these, the second picture, the ones with the lip glosses and the go palettes are FREE GIFTS! I couldn't believe my eyes when I received my parcel, I almost thought that they sent out the wrong parcel to me! You won't be seeing any reviews of the free gifts, unfortunately, because I decided to give it away to my friends as I find the free gifts to overwhelm me so much. As I received the parcel and found out they were free gifts, I was like, OH NO! When will I ever get around to test out the free gifts? Hence, I gave all of them away! 

But my oh my, the Chocolate Shimmer Bronzer Powder was SOOOOOO BEAUTIFUL! And it has a very big compact, even bigger than my Essence bronzer, I was contemplating to keep it for myself but since am not a big fan of using bronzers, why bother. LOL!

I do realize most of my posts these days gears towards showing my beauty hauls, I did buy a LOT! So, sorry if I can't get the reviews on time, I did prepare the posts but I just need more time to test all of them. Too many makeups, just one me! ;)

Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Beauty Buys and Make-up Review: Makeup Academy

Assalamualaikum pretty ladies!

It's been a long time that I haven't purchase from Makeup Academy, there hasn't been many shout-outs from this brand ever since Makeup Revolution came into the scene and with this, I'll just put a disclaimer that it seems that Makeup Academy and Makeup Revolution are not sister brands. I do found that the products from Makeup Revolution are of more quality than Makeup Academy. But enough about that, here's a picture of the haul that I've made from Makeup Academy a few weeks ago.

I do need to stop hauling makeups, I bought more than I realized in just one month! So it's kinda straining my makeup reviews that I'm trying to line up on my blog.

Anyways, I bought pairs of the £1 lipsticks and blushes as I've actually felt that I need to try these out! I've been raving about this brand so much, it's so weird that I never bought their cheapest products! I'll get on with the reviews soon! I still have so much products to review, I've been such a bad girl!

But no worries, I'm sneaking in a mini review of these makeup brushes I bought from this brand, I basically bought their F9 and F2 face brushes and also their E3 eye brush. All of their brushes are synthetic and I really love the overall quality of these brushes as they really have soft bristles and no fall outs either.

F2 Stippling Face Brush

So this brush is said to give our face an airbrushed look by stippling in the foundation but what I do find is that it is taking a lot of work to achieve that and I usually give up and use other dense stippling brush to do my work but I'm not giving up on this brush, this is perfect for stippling in liquid or cream blush, or even highlighters, so I basically use this for those purpose only. But for stippling in foundation, I'll stick to Masumi Shouko's dense face brush

F9 Flat Top Buffer Brush

This is an interesting brush as I've never encountered this type of brush but this is perfect for applying contour or bronzer on your cheeks, I haven't try these with other base product but I've only used it with contouring and it really helps me with my contouring game. So this is a definite must-try for any contouring newbies!

E3 Eyeshadow Blending Brush

This is a lovely addition to my brush collection as I still have a little collection of eyebrushes, I hardly collect eyeshadow brushes even though I like to use them more than using other makeups because for any of my eyeshadow makeup routine, I always seem to find myself using my fingers as a tool for applying eyeshadows, but this is really lovely as it blends eyeshadow nicely.

Monday, 12 January 2015

Want-it Wishlist: I Heart Makeup Chocolate Palettes

Assalamualaikum pretty ladies!

Just another wishlist post and this time from a affordable UK brand, which is Makeup Revolution's sister brand since they were sold in the same website. At first, I didn't give heed on their new releases of the chocolate palette that are supposedly a dupe for the Too Faced chocolate palette but as soon as they released the Naked Chocolate, which is basically the white chocolate palette. There's 2 of the "chocolate" chocolate palette, but I rather choose the I Heart Chocolate palette than the Death by Chocolate Palette cuz this one has more colors in it than the latter which is more neutral.

 The Naked Chocolate palette though, is a neutral palette heaven! I definitely know that these won't have the chocolate scent like Too Faced ones but I can't help but lemming to collect these two palettes just because they look like chocolates!

Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Make-up Review: Benefit's You go, Gals Sample Kit

Assalamualaikum pretty ladies!

Another review with a brand that only come across my blog for only once, to me, the brand benefit is quite on the expensive side. Although I've seen a lot of good reviews about this brand, does not mean that I am impressed unless I try it out myself. So, in Jakarta, I checked out their Sephora and bought the face sample kit.

So, I'm going to basically give a short and somewhat quick reviews of these samples as I only receive 3 tiny tubes

"That Gal" Face Primer

This is a pink-tone primer with a little shimmer running through the creamy texture, it applies like a lotion, it sits above your skin without feeling heavy and such, for my light-medium skin, this is quite an invitation to my makeup collection as I find it brightens my complexion without making my face too in-your-face glittery.

Although it doesn't fill in the pores, it does held up well without touching up, I can get away 4 hours without setting it with powder.  

"Porefessional" Primer

This is a nude silicon cream that fills the pore, it really works well to blur out any fine lines and pores, I am amaze with this product, it holds my makeup much better than That Gal primer, it can handle 8 hours of makeup without fading my foundation, much impressed, I might buy the full version every now and then as I find this quite expensive. Although, I still love my Holika Holika Silky Veil Primer.

"Girl Meets Pearl" Highlighter

This is a pearly, golden pink highlighter, I really love this and I am addicted to this highlighter, I am lucky that I find out that with my skintone, I can match any highlighter tones. Golden, warm, pink, cool or neutral, my skin can handle it! I wish it does the same with lipstick :(

So anyways, I really love to use this mainly above my cheeks and the bridge of my nose for that effortless sculpted nose.

Out of the 3 samples, I'd definitely repurchase Porefessional Primer.


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